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To be a recognize leader in the provision of high quality, innovative harm reduction facilities and supportive strategies for individuals living suffering from the devastating effects of drug addiction.

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To provide our clients with a safe haven where they can completely recover and not just get back their earliest sober life, but also get a new outlook to life. To provide a safe, caring and therapeutic environment for those suffering from drug, alcohol addiction and mental illness.

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Our Values

We value the importance of self-help groups for ongoing recovery. We believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity.We are committed to ethical and responsive internal and external customer service.We will treat co-occurring disorders when it contributes to the treatment of the primary addiction.

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Why Brain and Life Hospital?

Apart from our commitment to upholding a superior level of client confidentiality; below are the many reasons why Brain and Life Hospital is considered the most respected drug addiction treatment centre in Bangladesh by the international behavioural health community; as well as why it is the preferred choice for people seeking effective addiction treatment from around the globe.

TREATMENT - We specialise in the treatment of both substance addictions (alcohol and drugs), and process or behavioural addictions (sex, gambling, food, internet addictions).We use a culturally-sensitive, evidence-based treatment model called Recovery Zones that is specially designed to allow us to effectively tailor treatment to the specific needs of each client.We emphasise a holistic approach with a daily treatment programme that includes individual counselling, group therapy, mindfulness coaching, and physical fitness therapy including personal training, and monthly excursions to enjoy the natural and cultural attractions.We also place great importance on family involvement – client treatment includes a Family Programme. Treatment includes a dedicated aftercare programme through which we monitor and support a client’s progress for as long as he requires.

VALUE FOR MONEY - We offer an effective recovery programme run by highly qualified internationally accredited addiction specialists along with luxury accommodation, for reasonable price. Our addiction treatment programmes are inclusive of private cabin-style accommodation and facilities, all meals, with family therapy programme, weekly excursions and online aftercare.Recognised and accepted as a rehabilitation and detoxification treatment provider by leading international health organizations and physicians.

TEAM - Our clinical team is made up internationally trained physicians, licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and addiction counsellors with many years of hands-on experience treating the full spectrum of addictions as well as co-occurring mental health issues.They are supported by a medical team made up of top detox doctor and professional nurses who are on-site around the clock. We are also allied with the best hospitals in Dhaka, ensuring access to the highest standards of professional medical support when needed.

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