Brain and Life Hospital – Trusted Mental Disorder & Drug Addiction Treatment Center Located at Green Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Years Experience in Health Service
Brain and Life Hospital

Mental Disorder & Drug Addiction Treatment Center

The hospital's one of the most specialities are the patients are treated by a specialist doctor, domestic environment, complete separate wards for male and female patients, cabin, semi cabin, special monitoring cell...

Fokrul Hossain
Fokrul Hossain
Treatment for Mental Disorder Recover from Drug Addiction Working for a Safe Society


Expert Team Members
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Brain & Life Support Team

Mahadeb Chandra Mandal

Brain & Life Staff

Khasru Parvez Chowdhury

Brain & Life Staff

M A Mohit Kamal

Brain & Life Staff

Jamil Uddin

Brain & Life Staff

Shujon Howlader

Brain & Life Staff

Tahmina Haque

Brain & Life Staff