Brain and Life Hospital – Trusted Mental Disorder & Drug Addiction Treatment Center Located at Green Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Chairman Message

The company work, family problems and relationship matter and the memories of the past, they are weak. much too small when you have kids. them inside or in the event that something does or does not do that., so that there suffers from a mental illness. Whenever the bad aspects that are involved with the drug when they come from the liquor so they can not come back. They need our support, and the support that I’m established Hospital Brain and Life. 0% of the patients because it is caused.

It is the same kind of treatment. Patients varied according to the different modes of Counseling and care ness. Taking drugs is a disease in our society. Which family is one of the wine comes in turmoil, but the whole family.

Treatment of the many families that their treatment is no longer necessary. I may have to give up their ideas because of intoxication. Sometimes the family’s member avoid the person who addicted by drug. Families, neglect and disease is considered to be one of the forms. Later because intoxicated or mentally re-infected patients next time the possibility that, in general, patients 15-30 days stay in hospital. I was in the hospital. sense of family, and the family of the patient and the patient is healthy full. I was at the doctor and they can not be enjoying regular medication. The case is likely to be intoxicated again.

A day after the recovery of such patients should be kept on the go. The extent of the addicted chance to keep away from old friends and family about the development.

Md. Fokrul Hossain

Md. Fokrul Hossain
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Brain and Life Hospital