Brain and Life Hospital – Trusted Mental Disorder & Drug Addiction Treatment Center Located at Green Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

About Us

Drug. The term of the current a devastating disease. Drugs are destroying the vitality, direct – indirect force to terrorism. Drug addicted’s movement, Drug addict dedicated to the treatment of mental life and personality of the Md Fokrul Hossain. Drug addict and mental patients established for the treatment of brain and life befitting a modern hospital. Drug addicted and mental patients counseling, psychotherapi, relaxation training, computer training, exercise has a special arrangement. Group therapy and family therapy are being managed at Brain and Life hospital. The hospital’s one of the most specialities are the patients are treated by a specialist doctor, domestic environment, complete separate wards for male and female patients, cabin, semi cabin, special monitoring cell, encouraging the use and sometimes catching patients from home with guardian’s permission. The problem in the context of a severe mental disorders and opiates. We need salvation. In addition to the medical care of patients in need of services. Brain and Life Hospital Management Director Md Fokrul Hossain doesn’t think its just a business, humanities service by heart. It encourages me that it was my respected Pir Hazrat Khan Bahadur ahchanaulla (ii ra) who was the creator of the life of worship and service, He dedicatede his life to the deprived. I got the inspiration from his ventures in order to create a service that brain and life hospital. Mental illnesses and drug addicted care needs of patients in our country has its limitations. Because these patients are considered only if the patient is perfectly healthy and not hare chance. The need for dealing with them and their own people to be friendly. The obstacle to improved mental health services, the family of low-power operation. Allowing the patient to become healthy way for us to make. Because of the people that stand by helpless and offered full service. Because of the propensity of the other eye to see them., He was born into a disappointment. They gradually depressant In later. because their minds are small. Their attitude of family and does not want to understand. remember when I was a drunk. because of a mental disease, intoxication. To recover them when they need love and family in a way to keep busy. Family who understood them. Because of their age, much less 15-18 / 0 – year-old boy or girl – I was unable to understand. Higher share of girls in this age group are involved in drug.